A little bit about me...

I have been an avid lover of music for as long as I can remember, it was fostered in me through my father who is a talented guitarist, singer/songwriter in his spare time.  I was classically trained in the piano for 12 years and completed my Grade 8 music levels in the study of Piano through the Australian Music Examination Board during my final year of highschool.  I began teaching piano when I was 15 as my weekend job, although I moved away from piano teaching for several years, I am excited and energised to be back in this space.  I taught a range of students from 6 year old children to my 85 year old neighbour.

I have always loved playing the piano but it was during those years of very formal music tuition that I became very isolated with my music.  I did not want to anyone to hear me play, the thought of performing in front of anyone seemed like a fate worse than death and I spent hours of each day practicing pieces I had no real connection to.  It was not until I started to play simple pieces as an adult in a group setting that I finally started to really enjoy the experience of sharing music.  Piano in Paradise has been designed to maximise your music experience from the beginning.  The intention being to bring new, first time or returning musicians together to create music and learn to play songs that you love.